Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I browse listings without signing up?
  • Yes, you can browse listings by filling in the zip code box on the Discount Pickers Home Page or Store Directory. This will provide you with a list of active listings in your area. You can filter these results by category to tailor your search. You can also access the detailed descriptions for each listing even if you have not signed up.
  • Do you share the information in my profile?
  • View our Privacy Policy for complete details. If you submit a question to a seller, we forward the name and email address you enter in the form to the seller. If you enter a to win a shopping spree, we forward your name and email address to the seller you included in your entry.
  • How do I search for a specific category of items?
  • The most effective way to search for particular items is to enter your zip code on the Home Page or Directory Page. From the Directory, select the category of items you are looking for from the Filter Category drop down.